Welcome to our family website!

Photograph of family.

We are the 5th generation of our clan of Butler's born in South Africa.

Our family is the 7th generation descended from Captain Thomas Butler, an 1820 settler,
born in Ireland and who, together with his family, led a party of 27 from County Cork in Ireland as part of the British Government-assisted emigration scheme to the Cape Colony, South Africa. See the Genealogy page.

Why a family website?

Maybe it's just a hobby, or maybe there is a distinct desire to declare some experiences and share this with others. This site is the culmination of many hours of pure fun in searching for information and consolidating it for personal reward. Ultimately, one has to put this somewhere for safekeeping. As such, this website is exactly just that - a repository. Some areas admittedly still need some work, but in general, much of the information that needs to be shared or deserves to be shared, has been captured here. Please enjoy and do feel free to mail any constructive comments through the contact page.