Thomas Butler - Children

Thomas Butler's Family:

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 Butler, Thomas 




 b. 1776




 Butler, John 



 Thomas Butler and Elizabeth

 b. 1800




 Butler, Joseph 



 Thomas Butler and Elizabeth

 b. 1809




 Butler, James 



 Thomas Butler and Elizabeth

 b. 1813




 Butler, Matilda 



 Thomas Butler and Elizabeth

 b. 1818





It is possible that John is the eldest son. He is listed separate from the family which may indicate that he was of age to travel as an individual (19)?



A birth entry found in the archives indicates that there may have been another son born at a later stage named "George".

This is instalment #06 of the Anglican Church Records for Grahamstown,
Eastern Cape, South Africa. This church was later named St. George's
Anglican Cathedral, but that was not until 1838 and still later it was
dedicated as St. Michael and St. George's Anglican Cathedral. These
records are taken from the original register which is kept at the Cory
Library, Grahamstown. In those early days all the churches used the
same church building!

The writing in these registers is fairly good but in some instances it
is difficult to read and a ? will be displayed where I couldn't read
the name in full. If you have a correction please send it to me so
that the file can be updated. It would appear that neither of these
ministers was very good with the spelling of names!! Please ensure
that you check everything for yourself. I have typed the names exactly
as spelt in the register.

Anglican Church Register, Grahamstown
Baptisms: 1820-1826
Cory Reference: CORY MS 14 877/1


Entry 174
Christian Names: George
Parents Names: Thomas and Elizabeth
Abode: Nerville? -> Melville
Occupation: Late Captain in the Dublin County Militia
DOB: 03 Aug 1824
Date Baptised: 24 April 1825
Minister: Rev Thomas Ireland - Chaplain




There was Joseph, James (on who's head a tent pole fell causing an injury to his brain), mention of John and also of a Robin?

Elizabeth (first wife) went back to Ireland after the trauma of Matilda dying from snake bite and then suffering an ear infection from sleeping on damp ground resulting in deafness - what happened to her? Thomas' daughter from 2nd marriage, Elizabeth, married Francis Holder (William Holder son) (arrived in SA same year from Bristol on the 'Kennerley Castle'.) He must have married again, because it sounds as if the daughter Elizabeth (that married Francis Holder) was born after mother Elizabeth returned???



Matilda may buried on Melville Park, which was apparently the farm he lived on in the Cape. On 05/11/1826 Thomas sold it to John (Hancorn) Smith.



Although we know that Elizabeth returned to Ireland, she might have gone back to SA later, and still be the mother of the Elizabeth that married Francis Holder. We found something written by Montgomerie (a young man that stowed away on the ship)...he bumped into Thomas Butler years later in a town somewhere, and said the poor man was in such a bad state. Africa must have been such a harsh place in those days! Montgomerie said he barely had shoes on his feet, but said that things will get better, because Elizabeth has gone back to Ireland to send him money. So whether she returned or not is a bit of a mystery??? It must have been very hard for Thomas, as he was very much upper class in Ireland.



It seems that he (Thomas) personally paid 100 to get these 10 families to the ship, a long journey apparently. It must have been a fortune in those days. Where did he get it from? Also, he talks about his own property. As is most probably known, in those days very, very few people owned their own was it a family property etc?? Lots of questions!

The families had to pay to go to SA. It was 10 per person or 10 for a man, his wife and 2 children under 14. 5 per child for older children. Quite a lot really! It is noted that farmers earned about 120 per year, artisans around 55 and farm labourers around 30 per year!!