Family of Names


Uncanny each name

Coincidentally woven together,

When Butler is entrusted

To serve wine in all weather.


It is Henry who will rule,

His home with all might,

Anointing Riaan the little king

In his own true right.


Whereas Ann brings balance

Being ever so gracious,

Elize upholds God’s oath

No matter how audacious.


The defender is Devon

Who boldly all alone,

Also known as Peter,

Portrays the strength of stone.


Our castle belongs to Rory

The red king of old,

Whose bright mind and spirit

Makes Hugh ever so bold.


Family Names


Dedicated to my personal poetry:

Poetry to me is a means of expressing emotional thoughts. This is a minor pastime which gives me great pleasure and promotes relaxation. My anthologies are always purely just work-in-progress...

This prize was awarded on the

15th June 2006 for the poem

"Hail Caesarian" written upon the

birth of my youngest son Rory.

Although I received a "Second Prize" from

"The Poetry Institute of Africa",

the award has certainly motivated and encouraged me

to continue my pastime of writing poetry.